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PART TWO of In Conversation with Sheila Jacobs and Nancy Rourke

Part two of Double Pride and Art healing will be hosted by CODA South Africa (CODASA) on 2 October, 2021 at 3 pm SAST. In the first session the presenters spoke at length about the “Inside Team” and how Art could help you to journey with your “Inside Team”. Participants were encouraged to do an activity before we reconvene on October 2, which they will be given an opportunity to talk about. Some activity ideas included:

Journey writing

THEME: “My Journey”

  • Please draw your “Multilingual Parts/Roles” to help you see your life

  • Think of your life with each decade as a chapter 0-10, 11-20, 21-30,

  • What is the theme of each chapter?

  • What is the title of ur life/ book so far?

  • Think about your various Culture and Languages you are involved with? Give them a place on the paper. Then within each Culture and Language--what is your role? Are you a child, parent, spouse, employee/employer, neighbor, involved with specific organizations?

  • Think about your roles in your life: child, teen, young adult, student, career/occupation, parent, spouse, divorced/separated/widowed, retired, etc

  • Your Parts---Deaf, Coda, Hearing Parts of your life

  • Your Personality---introvert/extrovert, passive/active, hobbies, family, friends, recreation, etc. What are your strengths?

  • What are your challenges? What are your dreams?