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In Memoriam to our beloved Leader!

Deborah Nosipho Gwicana was real. She was a leader of note. She wanted to see Deaf and Hard of Hearing women be empowered in the Western Cape Province. She served on the TMFSA board from January 2014 to September 2018, volunteering as Chairperson of the board until she left to pursue her business aspirations. During this period, TMFSA successfully implemented the Children of Deaf Adults Retreat Program (CODAREP), Deaf Women Economic Emancipation Program (DWEEP), Donate a Soccer Boot Campaign (DASBC) and The Dignity Project. These programs significantly impacted Codas, Deaf women, girl children and young boys in the Western Cape. Thereafter, she continued to volunteer with us until her tragic death.

Deborah, we don't have the words to express the depth of our appreciation for your dedication and zeal to see TMFSA growing and making a difference in the communities of Khayelitsha, Philippi, Delft, Makaza, Site C, Nyanga, Gugulethu, Mitchells Plain, Cape Flats etc. You were a formidable leader, you were committed to seeing change in your lifetime. We were privileged to work with you and we will always bear our deepest gratitude to you for your vision, service and impact on TMFSA and Deaf communities in the Western Cape. Our heartfelt condolences to your loved ones. May they find solace in prayer.

Rest in eternal Peace Mrs. Deborah Nosipho Gwicana; you will be missed.

“There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone the light remains” – Unknown

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