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KODA Winter/Summer Camp 2021

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

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The Board met 13 February 2021 to get an update briefing about the potential KODA Camp for 2021 to be hosted in two cities Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively. The plan is to have the winter camp in Johannesburg during the school holidays and summer camp to be hosted in Cape Town during December school holidays. The planning committee will meet to discuss and identify potential dates subject to change due to uncertainties of COVID- 19. The idea is to have a 3 day camp either in person or virtual. Virtual might be costly as we all know that internet data access is very expensive.

This is the exciting program for TMFSA because in November and December 2017, we hosted the first CODA camps in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The Board is really looking forward to these camps happening. We have developed a short survey to gauge interest in the KODA community, please click the link to participate or share it.

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