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Happy Holidays, Let Love and Kindness Continue to Prevail in 2021!

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Families we supported with food parcels

One cannot believe that 2020 is almost done! Amidst all the challenges we all faced, hope and gratitude kept us going. TMFSA, represented by our Executive Director participated in several progressive webinars and networking sessions throughout the world, including France, Nigeria, United States of America and The Netherlands. Technolgy impacted so many lives and in many ways made a difference by connecting people world wide! As much as TMFSA could not have its annual events, including its Donate a Soccer Boot Campaign (#DASBC) and Deaf Women Economic Emancipation Program (#DWEEP) which have been running for over 6 years and Deaf Girls Code (#DeafGirlsCode) which was launched in 2017, there were fundraising efforts behind the scences. Furthermore, during lockdown level five, we donated food parcels to 10 families in Orlando East, Soweto.

Ausi Pearl engaging with the families.

A shout out to those who donated to the #DeafGirlsCode fundrai