About us

Aims, Vision, Mission

Our aim is to promote inclusiveness and equality in our communities through partnerships with a host of partners and individuals who are committed to the same vision and mission.

Our Mission is to educate and raise awareness in the public and private domain. To afford deaf Girl/Boy children, Youth and Women equal opportunities by availing resources and tools of empowerment.

Our Vision is to strive to make a difference by touching lives of ordinary people in South Africa and Africa.

Sphere of Activities

The Foundation is established for the purpose of providing programs, services, developmental support, access and information in the areas of rights, health care and empowerment to Deaf persons throughout South Africa and eventually Africa.

The Foundation Outreach Program;

  • Economic Empowerment in partnership with local and International institutions.
  • Promote dialogue amongst different communities in the Country.
  • Women and Girl children development initiatives.
  • Promotion of Education.
  • Youth Development through training.
  • Sports Development.
  • Child of the Deaf Adult Retreat Program (CodaRep)

About TMF

Tshepiso Mokoena is born to Deaf parents, a professional South African Sign Language Interpreter. Passionate of philanthropist work and striving to make a difference in the Deaf communities of South Africa, a community development activist locally and internationally for many years with the aim of improving the lives of the “forgotten communities”. She is serving as a Board member of the Sign Language Education Development (SLED). She has been recognised for her work and received the U.S Distinguish Pro Fellows Award, commissioned by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. Since 2002, she has been involved in numerous community projects with the aim of empowering the Deaf community of South Africa. In 2012, Tshepiso Mokoena Foundation (TMF) was founded. The aim of the foundation is to educate and raise awareness in the public and private domain, afford Deaf Girl/Boy children, Youth and Women equal opportunities with the Hearing counterparts in the communities of South Africa. This objective could only be realised when different structures, partners and individuals come together and thrive for the same vision and mission.

Deaf Economic Emancipation Program #DWEEP

The main objective of the Women Economic Emancipation Program is to empower Deaf women and young women who aspire into becoming social entrepreneurs and to create an environment that will enable self employment initiative programs. These programmes could only be sustainable if there is a strong point of information centre that women will be able to access when information and assistance is required.

Furthermore, we want to empower women with tools of leadership, mentorship programme and entrepreneurship skills. Data from around the world shows that increased education is associated with the empowerment of women (Malhotra, Pande, and Grown 2003).

Educated and empowered women are more effective at improving their own well-being, that of their family and communities. They are better equipped to extract the most benefit from existing services and opportunities and to generate alternative opportunities, roles, and support structures if opportunities are available at their disposal.

Donate Soccer Boot Campaign #DASBC

“Make a difference by donating a soccer boot”. Most of the talented and potential future stars do not have soccer equipments let alone soccer boots, and with unemployed parents soccer boots are out of question. Beyond Phillipi Deaf Stars the soccer team that Tshepiso Mokoena is sponsoring, there are also hundreds of talented young Deaf and hearing footballers who are passionate about soccer but don’t have resources at their disposal.

This initiative was inspired by my past experiences in the communities and after my involvement with Phillipi Deaf Stars. Dreams of potential future stars are shuttered only because; a talented child cannot afford to purchase a soccer ball let alone soccer boots. Sport could be used as a powerful element of alleviating racial tensions and bridging the gender gap between Girls and Boys. Sport teaches one to be disciplined, respect for self and others, basic values and life skills. We believe that bringing young children together, tolerance and cooperation amongst the able bodied and disabled children is possible, the myths and misconceptions will be a thing of the past.

This campaign is an annual event which will be hosted in all 9 provinces of our country. Children are identified in Deaf and Hearing School to benefit from this program. In the same token, we will raise funds for a school that doesn’t have a soccer pitch. The most prioritised schools are the impoverished schools in the townships and rural schools. The annual target is 500 soccer boots per province for Deaf and Hearing children. There is so much potential talent that needs to be nurtured and groomed for the benefit of our country.